Mimirabbit's/Amaine's Website

The website made for all of mimirabbit's other websites! Hmmm...

Hello, and welcome!

Hello, and welcome to my homepage! To be honest, I only made this website because a lot of places lately ask for your own "personal site". So here it is, I guess. There isn't really much to do here other than learn more about me. Which I mean is pretty fun all in itself, but that's my own personal preference and I'm not trying to force happiness on to you or anything. Wow, I can't believe you're still reading. Actually I can't believe I'm still writing. It feels like I'm talking to myself, because I know nobody would actually care about my online profile enough to go on here. Who knows, maybe in a few years or so my boss is going to be reading this all over so I better make a good impression.

 I just read everything I wrote mentally and it's really long. Sorry. I'll try to keep things shorter for now on. Right now it's really cold and I'm putting on a sweater. I have chocolate on my arm too, at least, I think it's chocolate(?). No idea how it got there, I just ate lentils. If you honestly are interested enough in me that you've read this far then that's kinda creepy, but cool, I mean if that's you're thing. NBD. You're might be feeling a little conscious now, which I deeply apologize for. I tend to make people feel that way, but not on purpose or anything. If you're bored you can try doing what I do when I'm bored: